• Mrs. Noah’s Secret Seder

    Mrs. Noah's Secret SederMrs. Noah’s Secret Seder

    by Mrs. Noah (A.J. Cannon Dalbey)

    Excerpt from Mrs. Noah’s Secret Seder:

    “What’s this?” Max asked as he stuck his finger in some creamy white stuff Hannah had taken out to put on the table. “Akkkk,” he gasped as he began choking!

    Mrs. Noah quickly took a spoon of the brown chunky stuff and gave him a bite.

    “What was THAT?” he sputtered as he got his breath back. “This is a bitter herb … horseradish,” Hannah told him. “It’s part of our dinner.”

    “Why do we eat bitter herbs tonight?” he asked, blowing his nose now.

    Mrs. Noah set 2 small bowls in front of him. “The horseradish reminds us of the bitterness the Isra’elites suffered when they were slaves. This brown mixture is made of apples, cinnamon, honey and nuts. If you eat it quickly after the horseradish, the sweetness takes the bitterness away.”

    “There are a lot of traditions different families have added through the years,” Moogy said, as he turned another page.

    “That’s right, Moogy, but each family, each congregation that does a service – a seder – to help them remember, creates their own tradition according to what they understand,” Mrs. Noah told them.

    “Put this salt water at each end of the table,” she said as she gave Hannah 2 glass bowls. Then she gave Max 2 plates full of green parsley. “We will dip this parsley into the salty water 2 times before we eat it.”

    “Why do we dip the parsley 2 times tonight, when we don’t do it at all on other nights?” Max asked..

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