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    Welcome to Mrs. Noah’s web-site!

    We have been developing ideas that hopefully will be a good addition to the other materials available for you and your family, as you “seek first His Kingdom.”

    We now have more options, to those who are more “techy”, so Mrs. Noah is learning a lot to meet additional requests. 

    • Facebook; YouTube; email and Messenger – and this Website – are more ways to share the stories and other ideas we have for you. 

    Now, you can visit us on our new YouTube channel –    Mrs Noah – YouTube

    We live out in the country, so with only one internet provider,  our connection can be a challenge!  After working with them for several weeks, I think they have it working again!!!!

    AND now – look for us on Facebook:  Children Are Forever

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    The Myrtle Maze Mystery: A Conspiracy to Silence – Link:  Meta Business Suite (facebook.com)


    March 2022.

    We are still making changes to our website.  PLEASE, come and visit again!

    Or email us at ChildrenRForever@aol.com and we will keep you updated on plans!


    Thank you and much Shalom!