• About Mrs. Noah

    AJ-Edited    Mrs. Noah is the mother of SIX, yes six, children: one son and five daughters. She        also has 16 grandchildren. She has been working for many years on interactive books for Sabbath keepers and those ‘Torah Pursuant’ – on a path to understanding and knowing our God, YHWH.

    At one time, she traveled around the country speaking to parents and Sabbath school teachers – encouraging them as they sought to reach children.

    Now she writes and illustrates a Torah based story each week and is developing books and related materials to help children see the JOY our Father has for us. She does ‘Mrs. Noah Puppet Workshops’ at conferences and Feast gatherings.

    She has worked hard to learn so she can produce the kind materials our children need and deserve, and is now gathering support for families – SKPS-911. Listening to the hearts of parents, she sees the need for more materials to teach and affirm our beliefs.

    We hope to share YOUR information with others. We NEED more for our children as we strive to learn more about the heart of  Yeshua HaMashiach.

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