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    The following are some links and videos that we hope you will find inspirational and useful


    WildBranch Ministry – www.wildbranch.org  Brad Scott is a Linguistic Hebrew Scholar you will enjoy!  He has MANY subjects and is a favorite of young and old alike.  Brad travels around the world telling people “GOD IS SMARTER THAN WE ARE!”  You will find free messages on his web-site along with many CD’s and DVD’s that will inspire and enlighten you as you lead your family on this amazing journey.


    LOOK at Renee Ellison’s web-site. She has MANY ideas,

    programs and a weekly radio show. www.homeschoolhowtos.com



    Archery fun for everyone

    Archery fun for everyone


    If you are looking for a Safe game for kids and adults you my consider Archery.  There is a New Archery game that has been specially designed to be used for team building and just plain fun for Kids and adults.

    Archery tag game

    Archery tag game

    Hover Ball, Archery Tag and Archery Target Set all use a specially designed Bow and Arrows with foam tips so you can actually form teams and shoot at each other.  Great for Camps, Church functions and get together’s.

    Ask about the special camp and church pricing..