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  • True Torah Tales: week 47

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    47 Deut _11-26–16-17.pdf

    Hannah has learned a lot, watching how YHWH looks at His people.

    He LOVES our hearts! They are like the Holy of Holies – where He put His Laws. That is awesome news for flawed people – like me!

    As Isra’el prepares to enter the Promised Land – will they DO all that YHWH has instructed they do? Will Moshe’s words be forgotten? Yes, they were – and are – forgotten by so many. Remember the saying: “Please be patient, GOD isn’t finished with me yet?” Well, I want to remind you, everything is a test, and our GOD is not finished with us yet!

    So, the struggle to be happy – midst all we are seeing and trials we are dealing with – is still my focus.

    Here are some “smiles” sent this week: Turn your frown, upside down!

    Q. Who is the funniest man in the Bible?
    A. Samson, because he really brought down the house.

    Q. Why couldn’t Cain please YHWH with his offering?
    A. Because he just wasn’t “Abel”.

    Mary learned that YHWH said in His word that every hair on our head is numbered. So, while brushing her baby brothers hair, on a dry windy day, she amazed to see his hair flying up into the air! “Mommie” she cried. “There’s an angel counting the hair on Billy’s head!” _____________________________________________________________________________________ We will be traveling this week — would appreciate your prayers for safety, good health and wisdom!

    Shabbat Shalom!
    Mrs. Noah and the gang.

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Mrs. Noah, we just got back from Sukkot where Andrew enjoyed making his puppet with you and Hannah, and learning words in Hebrew! Have wonderful time at Hannukah in Florida! We will miss you!

"Your stories truly are a blessing and we are so thankful for all the work you put into your materials. Can't wait to hear more songs. I just loved the CD you made!"

"We just read 'In the Beginning' with our family and we are so happy to find material with YHWH in it. I wish you could have seen the look on my 7 ½ year old daughter’s face when she read it, she was so excited to read (the name) YHWH, unlike other material."


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