• Secret of the Seeds

    Secret of the Seeds

    Secret of the Seeds

    Hope for a Troubled People
    by A.J. Cannon-Dalbey

    In August of 2005, the people of Gush Katif were devastated by the “disengagement” in Israel. Most of us don’t know what happened or what is still happening in this lad GOD says is HIS! This deeply troubled me. Then, I was asked to go on a mission trip in Jan 2006, with 6 other people, to visit these Gush Katif refugees. (2011/12 – they are still being RESETTLED!) Meeting many of them added to my passion – my commitment to somehow tell their story.

    In my story, two children, refugees from Gush Katif, are trapped with their grandparents after a rocket attack near the boarder of Lebanon.  So, Papa tells them a story as they wait to be rescued, hoping they will be reached in time. Learn what happens to this family, learn about Israel, learn about the “secret” seeds.

    This  book is fully illustrated in full color, it is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and is perfect bound.


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