• 1. B’resheet (Genesis) Family Bible Study

    Torah (Genesis) B'resheet Family StudyTrue Torah Tales by Mrs. Noah

    Book of B’resheet (Genesis) Family Bible Study, Stories and more!

    Her “funky” little stories are designed for Messianic families who want to expand their children’s awareness (using their imaginations) of our Hebrew roots, Israel, Torah, the Moedim, Shabbat, and Yeshua’s purpose in our lives. She often adds crafts, puzzles, quizzes, or a coloring page to the weekly Torah study.

    This is the first in her series of Torah Tales — 

    Remember, we feel children are SO important – and that we are commanded to teach them DILIGENTLY!

    This book is 8 1/2 x 11, 140 pages of stories and things to do, and is coil bound. .

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