• True Torah Tales: week 31

    Date: 2010.04.30 | Category: Mrs Noah's blog | Tags:

    31 Levit 21-1_ 24-23.pdf

    Just wanted to direct you to the Scriptures that are being added by Lee.  Thank you Lee!

    This week, you will have a challenge to look for a Scripture.  Pay attention and see how you do!  Blessings and safety!

    From this week’s story:
    “And, aren’t sin spots all washed away because Yeshua, who NEVER did any bad things at all, was the sacrifice – to pay for sin?” Miss B asked. [1 John 1:9]

    “That’s right.  Yeshua was the ‘perfect lamb.’  His blood is the onliest thing ever, ever – that can take away sin stains,” Moogy announced. [John 1:29]

    Are you counting the omer?