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  • Counting the Omer

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    Well, we have been counting, OK, not all of you, but hopefully a lot of you, have been counting the omer.  Now, we are at the long awaited day – Shavuot – Pentecost.    This is the day that YHWH put His Word, the Commandments, in front of all the people.  A covenant that the people there agreed to keep –.AND TEACH their children throughout all of their generations!  But, as we see in the story, they didn’t.  So, many years later, Yeshua came and made it possible for His spirit to come and fill our hearts with His spirit of TRUTH.

    He said to remember HIS appointed times – Holy Days – Mo’edim.  In Numbers 15, YHWH instructs His people to further set themselves apart from the pagans around them.   They are told about a “secret code” – to be attached to their clothing – everyday!  Read it!  It is instructions for HIS children, forever!  Why?  To help any who do this to REMEMBER!  Did you remember to count the omer?  Do you remember what happened on Shavuot?  Do you know what is GOING to happen on another Shavuot – soon?  Do you REALLY want to remember the covenant our God gave on Shavuot?  Here is something to help remind you.  Read it!  It could save your life!  Num 15:37 — 41.

    AND — don’t forget to pray for the small orphanage in Liberia that is struggling and seeking Yahweh and His WORD, and Mike Clayton, as they put their lives back together after the tornado and rain destroyed their home and the property they used so faithfully to serve others.

    Shalom and have a blessed Shavuot.

    Mrs. Noah and the gang.

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Mrs. Noah, we just got back from Sukkot where Andrew enjoyed making his puppet with you and Hannah, and learning words in Hebrew! Have wonderful time at Hannukah in Florida! We will miss you!

"Your stories truly are a blessing and we are so thankful for all the work you put into your materials. Can't wait to hear more songs. I just loved the CD you made!"

"We just read 'In the Beginning' with our family and we are so happy to find material with YHWH in it. I wish you could have seen the look on my 7 ½ year old daughter’s face when she read it, she was so excited to read (the name) YHWH, unlike other material."


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