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    Dec. 25th 2011

    This has been an interesting day.  I sent out my Hanukkah story, a chapter from my book, “The Little Chicken That Could”, that includes some history of Israel.  It is amazing how Israel — ALL of the Hebrew family — kept bringing pagan traditions into the worship of Yahuwah!  Even though we have been admonished, over and over, NOT TO MIX, but to “come out of her my people!”  I pray you are warm, safe and blessed with the desire to know and serve the Almighty God of Israel! 

    Vayikra 2011-Levit 1:1-5:26

    As I watch the devastation in Japan, I can’t help but say, “Thank you Father!  There — but for YOUR mercy — go we!”  I have a hard time comprehending the pain and fear that is ruling in that land right now.
    Many have died — many more have to deal with the results of not knowing HIM — not keeping His commandments.

    I hope you read our story and find the answer to Louise’s question — “just what IS sin?”  Think you know?  Check it out.

    I pray blessings of Truth, and joy fill you and that His wings of love will protect you in these difficult days!  Thy will be done …

    Shabbat Shalom!  Mrs. Noah and the gang.